Saturday, May 4, 2019

Spring has sprung

At last, a warm day, warm enough to dig in the garden and get some beds ready for new plants.

Pansies, the first sign of spring - 3 containers on the front deck. These bloom in Texas in January.

Today I worked on the bed beside the driveway, it gets full morning sun until about 1 pm, then it gets a little afternoon sun that peeks through between the house and the garage in the late afternoon. 

Last year, I planted 3 peonies in this bed, 1 goat's beard, 1 perennial geranium, some irises, a lady's mantle, a daylily, and the year before I planted a hydrangea that was trying to root along one branch to form another plant. Also an aronia that has nice red shoots all over. 

Not sure what I will put in this bed, I just know that I want some pink flowers clambering up over that rock.

My constant companion Tekla. She is full grown now and still up to mischief. This afternoon, I found a tulip bulb with green stalk on the back lawn, I don't know where she got that from.

I've forgotten what these are called,  but they are pretty.

And some crocuses in the front bed.

At last, signs of life returning to the garden!

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